Foxy Brown Involved in Brawl? Foxy Says No

by Brian Willett

Did Foxy Brown get dealt some low blows for living the high life? That’s what it looks like. ¬†According to MTV, Foxy Brown was visiting friends in the penthouse of a building on 43rd street in New York.

Things got hectic when Foxy hit the lobby, and a fight broke out. ¬†It’s been a rough patch for Foxy as of late, with the rapper charged with felonies last week related to violating an order of protection.

Foxy was said to have thrown her BlackBerry in this latest ruckus, though she denies that it was a big deal.

“An argument started because my manager had booked us for two interviews but only gave us 20 minutes’ notice for hair and make-up,” she explained. “My manager was yelling and screaming at my friend.”

Foxy maintained that there were only words thrown, not punches.

“It was a heated exchange between three friends,” she said. “I never hit anyone.”

To hear Foxy rapping rather than getting a bad rap, download some of her tracks here.