Ne-Yo “Very, Very, Very Excited” About Baby

If it’s Twitter official, it’s official.  At least that’s how Ne-Yo made it seem, confirming that he and Monyetta Shaw are indeed expecting a child.  Ne-Yo went to the place for all serious message, Twitter, to spread the good news.

“LADIES AND GENTS!!! I’M HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT I’M HAVING A BEAUTIFUL BABYGIRL!!! THANK YOU GOD,” tweeted Ne-Yo, in a statement that almost made it sound as if he were carrying the child.

However, it has been confirmed that Monyetta is carrying the child (and has been for about four months). The baby is due in January, which means it will not be here in time for Ne-Yo’s new album, Libra Scale, which drops October 5.

“I am 30 and I do have my first child on the way, and I’m very, very, very excited about that,” said Ne-Yo. “It’s a New Year’s baby and I’m just in a really good place right now.”

You can pre-order Libra Scale here and download other Ne-Yo music here.