PJ Walsh: Over There – Comedy is His Best Weapon Performance Dates

The one-hour comedy show is a fusion of Walsh’s quick wit and insightful observations about life as a soldier and civilian.  Walsh is a Navy veteran known for his tours with Larry the Cable Guy and his stint as host of “Wall2Wall Good Stuff” on Sirius Blue Collar Radio, but “Over There – Comedy is His Best Weapon” is poised to overshadow his previous comedic hits. Performances will occur at The Players Theater, at 115 MacDougal Street in New York.

“Over There – Comedy Is His Best Weapon” illustrates the hardship and hilarity of PJ Walsh’s journey – from a screw-up kid convinced there’s no chance of war who enlists in 1990 all the way to the White House.  It’s his career in stand-up, though, that causes him to face his mortality in the belly of a C-130 flying over Afghanistan. The poignant narrative intertwines the solemnity of war with the humor of Walsh’s inner thoughts.  “Over There – Comedy Is His Best Weapon” demonstrates Walsh’s keen eye to see comedy in the ebb and flow of every day events while tackling larger issues such as war and growing up.

“Over There – Comedy Is His Best Weapon” was written by PJ Walsh and is directed by Dion Flynn. It is a Relevance Group production. You can find tickets at FringeNYC.org.

As a first generation Irish-American with a blue collar upbringing, PJ Walsh is instinctively aware of the power of laughter and its ability to transcend generations. Regarded as one of the hardest working comics behind the microphone, Walsh has served in the military, the White House, and as the opening act on numerous Larry the Cable Guy tours.  Walsh also performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics and hosted the “Wall2Wall Good Stuff” show on Sirius’ Blue Collar. Walsh resides in New York City and more information is available at

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