The Wiz Kid – Wiz Khalifa

Bloginity says there is a new W in town, and he is not to be confused with Weezy.

Wiz Khalifa

Bloginity says there is a new W in town, and he is not to be confused with Weezy.

You may or may not have heard this artist yet, but rest assured Wiz Khalifa is here to stay. The scrawny, tattooed lyricist hails from Pittsburgh, PA, where citizens take chillin’ and humility seriously. This attitude can be felt though all of his songs, where the hip hop confidence and lifestyle are portrayed in a subtle, almost sophisticated way.  Perhaps that same attitude is the reason why his singles and mixtapes make you think, “You know what? This actually sounds unique.”

Or…maybe his uniqueness comes from creativity. On the single “The Thrill”, which can be found on Burn After Rolling, he draws from the song “Walking on A Dream”  by Australian group Empire of The Sun. This little-known band sounds similar to MGMT and works beautifully in Khalifa’s song.

“This Plane” is a great song from Wiz’s latest album, Deal or No Deal. What is great about this song is that it makes the listener slip into a head-nodding mood which sparks a carefree feeling. The lyrics are refreshing, partially because they lack that saturated vocabulary the industry has to which the industry has become accustomed.  Yes, Wiz still talks about the lavish lifestyle and about haters, but for once the rest of us can actually feel like there is some sort of sincerity in those words. Check it out for yourself below:

Hip-hop should be drifting towards the likes of Wiz Khalifa. Let’s hope more follow in his footsteps, by making their own sound and not following in anyone’s footsteps. We at Bloginity are ready to enjoy this ride and those who aren’t will surely be catching up soon. Don’t wait too long though, because as Wiz warns us: “it’s such a shame, they gon’ miss this plane.”