Interview: Winklevoss Twins Call Out Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

The Social Network, the highly anticipated film that chronicles the rise of Facebook and the alleged deception of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is set to hit theaters October 1.  Even before the release of The Social Network, though, word of Zuckerberg’s dishonesty and betrayal has been talked about in some length.  Often leading the discussion were Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, identical twins and former Harvard classmates of Zuckerberg.  The two claim Zuckerberg not only stole the idea for Facebook from them, but also cheated them in a lawsuit settlement.

As you can see in the video interview below, the Winklevoss twins allege that Zuckerberg and Facebook did not supply enough information about the value of the company at the time of their settlement in 2002. The twins reportedly received $65 million in the settlement, which some critics claim should be more than enough.  However, the Winklevoss twins claim Zuckerberg owes them more, thanks to deceptive practices during the Facebook lawsuit.

Winklevoss Twins Video Interview on Mark Zuckerberg