Mike Edwards Killed in Hay Bale Accident

by Brian Willett

Mike Edwards, a founding member of the band ELO, was killed while driving when a giant bale of hay weighing 700 lbs smashed into his car.   Mike Edwards played cello for the group from 1972 until 1975.

In addition to playing cello for the band live, Edwards contributed to the ELO albums ELO II, On the Third Day, The Night The Light Went On (In Long Beach) and Eldorado.  Edwards often performed in distinct costumes and brought a unique personality to ELO.

Edwards was driving on a road in Devon, England, when an out-of-control hay bale rolled down a hill, flipped over a hedge and landed on top of his vehicle.  Edwards had recently been teaching cello in Devon and was unmarried.

If you’re a fan of ELO or Mike Edwards, you can find downloads of the band’s music right here.