Copter Controlled by iPod, iPhone, iPad

by Brian Willett

It seems as though every day, we discover something new that iPods, iPads and iPhones can do.  Today, it’s controlling the Parrot AR Drone, a unique quadricopter, also known as the Drone missile.

The AR Drone‘s release is highly anticipated, but the wait won’t be long – the AR Drone release date is September 9.  The iPhone-controlled device was estimated to cost $500, but you can purchase it for just $299 right here.

The AR Drone features two fixed cameras so you can get a Drone’s-eye view right on the screen of your iPod, iPhone or iPad.  This is a revolutionary device, as it is controlled via Wi-Fi and is stabilized by onboard computers, which makes it easier to maneuver than radio-controlled devices.

In addition, the AR Drone has a virtual game mode that will show enemies on the screen of your iPod, iPhone or iPad so you can take out fake fighters rather than your family members.  You can check out more AR Drone action in the video below.