Sharktopus Trailer Video, SyFy Movie Review

Sharktopus. Even the name incites fear.  Or looks of confusion.  Perhaps both.  The (legendary?) Sharktopus was unleashed by SyFy in a made-for-TV movie aptly titled Sharktopus, with Roger Corman, a master of B-movies, co-producing the film.

As you can see from the Sharktopus trailer below, Sharktopus is unabashedly ridiculous, with the creature gobbling up countless confused beach-goers with its combination of tentacles and fangs. Sharktopus doesn’t even need to wait for you to come into the water, as it can reach out one of its tentacles and grab you while you’re on the beach.

Sharktopus knows it’s ridiculous, and that’s why it works.  Sharktopus makes itself obviously implausible, as the premise of the movie is that the Sharktopus is intended to be  Navy super-weapon. While this could have been positioned as a scary movie, it comes off as more of a comedy because of the campy special effects and absurd situations, such as showing a bungee jumping girl swallowed by Sharktopus as it leaps out of the water.

Check out the Sharktopus trailer below and let us know what you think of Sharktopus in the comments. You can pre-order Sharktopus here and find other SyFy channel movies and TV series here.

Sharktopus Official Trailer Video