We’re Sorry – Our Servers Got Hammered This Weekend

If you’re reading this, that’s a good sign, because that means Bloginity has recovered from a rough weekend.  Thanks to the skilled technicians at GoDaddy, Bloginity was out of commission harder than you would be after a night out with Drake and Lil Wayne.

Because of viewers like you (thanks!), we were migrating to a server that could handle more capacity this weekend.  Unfortunately, GoDaddy failed to follow our simple instructions on the migration, causing us to lose data because we were still posting as the migration was occurring.

Had that been the only problem, we would have laughed it off.  Really, Bloginity’s offices are pretty chill.  Unfortunately, GoDaddy seemed to be pretty adamant about making us mad, so they failed to did pretty much everything they were supposed to on a routine server migration.  So if you received a “Database Error” message, that’s why.

We would go into detail about how many customer “service” representatives we spoke to, but it would likely bring you to tears, as it nearly brought us to tears.  Countless hours that Bloginity staff should have been sleeping were spent on the phone and online with GoDaddy’s weekend crew, who were unhelpful, unsympathetic, and seemed to be thinking more about hitting the bars than solving our problems.

So, we’re sorry.  We did everything we could to address the issues this weekend, and only after hiring outside help have we managed to pull Bloginity back up today, because we knew we couldn’t disappoint you.

Thank you for staying loyal during these issues!  We’re still working out some bugs but we’re not going to let GoDaddy ruin the chemistry between our writers and readers.  So please, explore the site!  We’ve got a brand new homepage to help you customize your Bloginity entertainment news experience.


Bloginity Networks Staff