Reality Star Audrina Patridge Talks Current Life Passions.

Reality TV star Audrina Patridge who rose to fame on MTV’s The Hills continues to excel in her career. This exclusive is an insight into Audrina Patridge’s projects and lifestyle choices.

Reality TV star Audrina Patridge is going mainstream with her bid to become the next champion on this season’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Partridge, who rose to fame on MTV’s The Hills continues to excel in her dancing and has gained incredible stamina and focus from the show. Audrina is also host of the Talent Contest Network Yobi TV and has [tentatively] a new reality series in development, titled ‘The Audrina Show“.

Amongst her projects and grueling work ethic, she continues to do photo shoots and has been featured on Rolling Stone Magazine along with the cast from The Hills. She also maintains a strict fitness regime and delves into charity work when she has free time making her one of Hollywood’s hardest working celebs.

Audrina originally moved to LA to pursue an acting career, and has played small roles in several feature films. Her involvement in reality TV projects has given her national recognition, and her sense of style and particular fashion choices have become the envy of her many fans.

This exclusive is an insight into Audrina Patridge’s projects and lifestyle choices.

Iain: Can you tell us about your involvement with Yobi TV and how that’s going?

Audrina: I’ve been doing Yobi TV for about a year now. We are in the second season and I love it because it’s an online network and an outlet for talent. It’s almost like American idol or ‘America’s Got Talent’ but it’s all over the world on the Internet and there are over 200 countries that participate. There’s not a set of 3 to 4 judges that judge you, it’s actually up to your peers to choose. We give away cash prizes, and the last musician won $19,000 and a record label deal. It’s really great for musicians. We just added actors, photographers, comedians, and actually most of the comedians out of London are the ones that win. They’re really funny!

Iain: Do you have a favorite contestant on Yobi TV?

Audrina: Andrew Keaton is really good. He’s a photographer and his photography is really great.

Iain: Does the talent on the Yobi TV network impress you?

Audrina: I have seen so many great things and so many talented people out there everywhere and from countries I haven’t even heard of and its great that they have a way to go online and participate, win trips to Hollywood and become celebrities online. They don’t have to fly to Los Angeles to try to get a music deal. They can try online with Yobi TV.

Iain: Has acting always been important to you?

Audrina: That’s why I moved to LA originally because I wanted to be an actress, and so far ive got a taste of it. I’ve done some guest stars, and The Hills has gotten me used to the cameras. Then I did ‘into the blue 2’. I had a small part in that movie which we filmed in Hawaii. Then I also did a movie called ‘Sorority Row’ and I had a small part in that. So I’m getting a taste for it and learning from each movie that I do and it’s a great experience.

Iain: If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be?

Audrina: I’ve always wanted to work with Johnny Depp just because I would love to know his method of acting. He’s so interesting. He really gets into character in every movie that he does. I love Jennifer Aniston as well. I think she beautiful and so nice. I love all her movies.

Iain: So you’re a fan of “Friends”?

Audrina: Yes I liked friends and I watched it all the time.

Iain: What are the TV series that inspire you, and that you enjoy watching?

Audrina: I love the Tudors and watching Dexter. It’s been hard to watch TV and movies lately because I have been working 7 days a week! I watch Criminal Minds too, and that’s about it.

Iain: How can you forget Dancing With The Stars?

Audrina: And Dancing With The Stars of course! (Giggle)

Iain: How do you cope with the training and staying mentally focused?

Audrina: Well its 7 days a week, 6 hours a day. I go to rehearsal, I dance, and then when I leave the studio I am really exhausted so I don’t really go out anymore. I don’t drink and I really just focus 100% on dancing and taking care of myself.

Iain: Do you have time to relax?

Audrina: Yeah. Usually when I get home I love to take bubble baths, light candles and relax and ill watch a movie. Sometimes ill go and visit my family or my boyfriend will come over and watch TV with me and we just relax!

Iain: Are you involved with charities?

Audrina: Yes, I work with the ‘Sunshine Kids’. It’s an organization that helps all the kids who have cancer or are survivors. Instead of sitting in a hospital room, they get to go on little trips with other kids from all across the country and for instance they all get together, out of the hospital, away from their parents and then get to go to places like Universal City, Disneyland, the beach and do all these fun activities.

It was really great. I got to go visit and hang out with them. They were so happy. They felt like they didn’t have to sit in a hospital and they still had fun even though they had cancer so I love working with those kids and also I work with the ‘Know Your Girls’ campaign.