Hits Top 10,000 Websites in the USA

by Daniel Haim

October has just begun, but Bloginity Networks already has huge news. We just overhauled the homepage with the innovative “Gefilter Fish” content navigation system, and we’ve also reached a major traffic milestone. Thanks to your loyal support and insatiable appetite for entertainment news, is now among the top 10,000 most-trafficked websites in the United States. Our progress has been unprecedented – just months ago we broke the 100,000 website barrier.

Since launching in 2008, has experienced unparalleled growth, quickly becoming a leader in providing fresh, original entertainment content.  In the past month, our readership has grown 190 percent, and is now ranked 9,974 among United States websites, and among the top 54,000 in the world.’s unique content is reaching across countless cultures – it is the 3,369 most-trafficked website in Hong Kong.

Thanks to our writers tirelessly targeting hot trends, breaking major entertainment news stories and responding to audience requests for content, is exploding in popularity. And because of this, we’d like to thank our loyal readers for helping us make our mark on not just the world of entertainment news, but the internet as a whole.

One thing we won’t do, though, is stop.’s success has inspired us to work harder to bring you not only the highest-quality content, but also the ideal user experience.  Our team is committed to innovation and user enjoyment, fusing in-depth feature writing with up-to-the-minute entertainment news update to create a unique, comprehensive online magazine.

We also realize that without you, we wouldn’t be here! We sincerely appreciate every minute you spend on the site, every article you share on Facebook or Twitter, and every comment you leave. Please, let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. While we are proud of our traffic statistics, we’d be more proud to know that we’re your favorite site and your browser homepage.  After all, we have said from day one that is a site for the people and by the people – lf there’s something you want to see, tell us, and we’ll make sure you see it. And please, tell your friends about us…we can never have too many friends. Speaking of friends – we just hit a milestone on Facebook as well, with 6,000 fans.