David Arquette – Courtney Cox Told Him To Sleep With Others

by Brian Willett

When David Arquette appeared on Howard Stern‘s show to explain the Courtney Cox split, he revealed some surprising, and perhaps disturbing details about the celebrity relationship. According to the interview with Arquette, Cox was tired of having to act like a mother to him, and gave him one command that was completely unmotherly.

“She knows she’s not f***ing me, and she’s like, ‘Listen, I want you to be able to do whatever you have to do,'” Arquette explained.

This came after the two had not been intimate for a month; Arquette explained that when something doesn’t seem right to Cox, she withholds sex. Although Arquette noted that he did not have a girlfriend, he had found other partners with whom to be intimate.

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” Arqutte said. “I had sex with a girl once… maybe twice.”

You can find Courtney Cox and David Arquette in happier times on Friends right here and in the Scream movies here.