Four Loko Banned at Ramapo College, Under Fire at Central Washington

by Brian Willett

Are you “on that Four Loko“?  If you don’t recognize that phrase, probably not.  Four Loko is a highly controversial but wildly popular beverage that combines alcohol and caffeine into one unmatched, but dangerous, buzz.  Four Loko is, essentially, the only kind of drink that would make you utter something as stupid as, “I’m on that Four Loko.”  After coming under heavy fire since its inception, Ramapo College of New Jersey has taken a major step – Four Loko is banned from campus.

The Ramapo University Four Loko ban wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision: university president Peter Mercer banned Four Loko after a total of 23 individuals required medical attention after drinking it.  Among those was a student whose blood alcohol level was .4, which is five times New Jersey’s legal limit.

“We were fearful for the safety of our students,” explained university official Anna Farneski. “Our president felt the need to protect our students, so he took this action after consulting with the cabinet. Both the students and parents have been supportive.”

Four Loko is sold in 23.5-ounce cans, and features 12 percent alcohol, more than double what you’d find in the average beer. Only time will tell if this Four Loko ban is effective and whether other schools attempt a similar Four Loko ban.

It may happen – police at Central Washington University found that nine students who had passed out in what was believed to be a date-rape drug-related incident were actually drinking Four Loko. Currently, Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna is calling for a state-wide Four Loko ban.

Are you a fan of Four Loko?  Would you like to see Four Loko banned? Let us know in the comments.