Gap Changes Logo

by Brian Willett

Today, Gap, more officially known as Gap, Inc., caused a bit of a stir Monday when it unveiled a new “logo,” which is perhaps the only image that is less than a logo than the clothing company’s former icon. Many news sources are reporting that customers are “outraged” at the Gap logo change, suggesting that the old logo was iconic, while the new one made them “not want to shop there anymore.”

Seriously? As you can see above, both of the Gap logos are basically just the word in a mundane typeface.  Perhaps you need to be enlightened in order to see the glamor of the original Gap logo; must be the same enlightenment that assures you that it’s perfectly acceptable to spend $40 on a nondescript colored t-shirt.

Marka Hansen, president of Gap, addressed the issue with the following statement:

“We chose this design as it’s more contemporary and current,” Hansen said. “It honors our heritage through the blue box while still taking it forward.”

Yes, that brilliant blue box.  So distinctive. So recognizable.  Apparently, so over hyped – making it the perfect symbol for Gap.