Schwarzenegger and Stallone to create new action era?

by Iain Alexander

After a decade of over the top action movies, CGI and now 3D, it seemed that Stallone’s ‘The Expendables’ was outdated, but with Schwarzenegger being terminated from office in January 2011, there is hope that a new 80s style revival could be in full swing as the two work on the new sequel.

The success of Stallone’s ‘The Expendables’, along with a cast of Hollywood heavyweights including a cameo with Bruce Willis showed how fans were eager to see a return of the badass action heroes we used to enjoy watching. Today, action movies are very reliant on ‘green screen heroes’ with fake muscles and stretched suits, which has brought the ‘realism’ to a new low.

With Schwarzenegger’s potential return to acting, Bruce Willis’ Die Hard 5, and Stallone’s Expendables 2, there is momentum to bring a touch of new to the old, and these real life action men are pushing age to a side. Come to think of it, Clint Eastwood is still acting and directing in movies so why should age be a factor in 2010?

As we move into the next decade, will action films be more reliant on 3D or will there be a shift toward the old school classics like ‘Rambo’ and ‘The Terminator’? Although CGI (Computer generated images) are present in all the Terminator movies, the first 2, directed by James Cameron were authentic in that the technology was born in those productions.

Stallone has continued to keep up his onscreen presence and in 2006, returned in the 4th instalment of Rambo. Whilst Schwarzenegger has been fighting ‘girlie men’ in Sacramento, he may now have a significant role in the action world once more, and with Expendables 2 around the corner, he might have more to say about ‘Playing in the Junge,’ with buddy Sly Stallone.