Can Cruise Still Get $80K/hour Paycheck?

by Iain Alexander

Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible 4

Hollywood stars are not just famous for the roles they play, but for the checks they make, and Tom Cruise is no exception.

The Hollywood star and action man reportedly earned huge salaries for his outings as Ethan hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise. However, as Hollywood bears the brunt of a recession that is lowering studio budgets, and cutting back salaries, can Tom Cruise still get his $80,000 an hour paycheck?

You may be thinking how on earth does he get so much ? Take a look at the figures. For mission impossible 2, according to IMDB Tom Cruise earned $75 million and turned down a flat fee. This gave him 30% of the film’s gross, which was a huge success. Divide that into 90 days, and work 10 hours a day and hey presto (Well actually its more than $83,000/hour). Although its impossible to say how many hours of work Tom Cruise put into MI2 its a fact that major stars earn yearly salaries, equal to those of highly paid skilled jobs, in one hour.

It makes you wonder how long it would take people on minimum wage to catch up to that figure. However, as the industry has changed in recent years, even big Hollywood stars don’t have the same power as they had before.

Tom Cruise is currently shooting Mission Impossible 4 in Dubai (see image to the right), but no salary details have been published. It was recently revealed that he had taken a massive pay cut for the new film, and rumors are flying that he is on minimum wage, jokingly. Although Cruise is highly unlikely to be acting for $7 an hour, it is more than plausible to expect a reduced fee after the box office disappointment of ‘Knight and Day’ starring Cameron Diaz.