Is Zoolander 2 On The Way?

by Brian Willett

In a day when even mildly entertaining movies are milked into franchises with multiple sequels, it seems rather odd that Zoolander has yet to spawn a sequel.  After all, with stars such as Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell, it seems ripe for huge ticket sales.  So is Zoolander 2 on the way? According to writer Justin Theroux, it is.

According to Theroux, he has a script finished, and Zoolander 2 is tentatively slated for release in 2012.  Theroux claims the film is too hilarious not to be made.

“It’s too funny — it’ll blow your mind,” Theroux said.

Although Theroux was hesitant to reveal too many details, he did answer some of the most pressing questions Zoolander fans had on their minds.

“Anything is possible in Hollywood, but I think you’re going to see Mugatu,” Theroux explained. “We are planning on seeing Mugatu.”

But that’s not all.  There are plans for other villains as well, including one inspired by a current leading Hollywood funnyman.

“There are a couple new villains that step onto the stage, which we are all very happy about,” Theroux said. “Jonah [Hill] is the inspiration for one of them.”

Theroux also revealed that the film would feature a total nightmare scenario for Hansel and Derek – aging.

“[Zoolander 2 will] start off with them in a pretty bad place – they’re about to ring 40′s bell,” Theroux explained. “They have to claw their way back into the fashion industry in some way or another.”