Cee Lo Green – The Lady Killer: Funky

by Brian Willett

When you release a song called “F*ck You,” you’re bound to get a lot of attention for your upcoming album. Of course, for a musician of Cee Lo Green‘s stature, getting attention shouldn’t really be an issue.  Considering Green’s diverse catalog of projects – from solo efforts like The Lady Killer to Gnarls Barkley – it’s really hard to expect just what you’re going to hear.  So when you put on The Lady Killer for the first time, you’ll either issue a wide grin or go back to the store and ask them to issue a refund.

But such is the risk that musicians such as Cee Lo Green take when they decide to push the envelope.  Sure, a lot of the tracks on The Lady Killer aren’t likely to be top 10 hits, and certainly aren’t club bangers (unless you own a hot tub time machine), but they do prove one thing: Cee Lo Green is one of the most creative artists in R&B and hip-hop today.

From the Broadway-esque orchestration and Batman TV series blasts of horn in “The Lady Killer Theme” to the smooth, doo-wop style of “Fool For You,” Green shows that he’s got a lot on his mind and has no problem taking you on a seemingly schizophrenic sonic journey.

There is plenty of upbeat music here, with a lot of additional instrumentation and engaging songwriting throughout. “Love Gun,” which features Lauren Bennett, has a funky, Austin Powers feel, while the massively popular “F*ck You” manages to spread massive smiles with its tongue-in-cheek humor and bouncy rhythms that somehow work perfectly with the dark lyrics.

“Old Fashioned” is exactly that, with a retro feel that will make you look out the window to make sure you’re still at your house, not the Leave It To Beaver abode.

Throughout The Lady Killer, Green shows his range and strings together a number of perhaps unlikely sounds into an engaging, entertaining album with plenty of replay value.  The Lady Killer doesn’t sound like any album made in recent years, and perhaps that’s why it hits the spot.  Cee Lo Green is clearly on another level and in a different world, and we couldn’t be more thankful that he refuses to follow the script.