Atlantic Pacific on their Album “Meet Your New Love”

It’s not often you run across a band that makes music characterized as “psych-folk,” but Atlantic/Pacific fans know that nothing about this band is ordinary.

It’s not often you run across a band that makes music characterized as “psych-folk,” but Atlantic/Pacific fans know that nothing about this band is ordinary. Atlantic/Pacific is a gem, the kind of band you half-hope remains under the radar so you can keep them to yourself and see your friends’ faces light up when you share Atlantic/Pacific’s unique music for the first time.  On the other hand, you also want to see Atlantic/Pacific find success, because everyone should hear music this good.

Bloginity was lucky enough to catch up with Garrett Klahn and John Herguth of Atlantic/Pacific for some candid conversation on the band’s music, their current tour, and their dream music festival.

Brian: How is the vibe in Atlantic/Pacific different from that of House & Parish or Texas is the Reason?

Garrett: Well for one thing, we are much older and (just a little) wiser. I think the overall theme of what John and I have tried to do with A/P is not too different; we still just want to play, tour, meet new people, see new places and have new experiences. So far we’ve gotten all that and more. However, we are admittedly greedy in this sense and want MORE.

John: Atlantic/Pacific to me is a little more focused on a sound. I feel like with H&P we were a bunch of guys that started playing together and what came out of that was a result of our individual tastes / personalities. With A/P I feel like we had a more developed idea as to what it was we were trying to achieve. Both are and were really fun bands to be a part of for me.

Brian: Do you have any favorite tracks from Meet Your New Love? If so, which and why?

Garrett: I’d say all of the songs are special to us. John and I started this band with nothing but a dream to get on the road together. Then the songs started coming one after the other. We’re proud of each of the songs.

John: I like the title track quite a bit simply because its just the kind of thing I like listening to. There are a few that I feel a closeness to simply as a result of subject matter but musically I’m into all of it. I wouldn’t skip over any of those songs while listening to MYNL as an album.

Brian:  How involved are you in the production process? It seems you manage to coax a massive sound from relatively minimal instrumentation.

Garrett: We were @ the studio every step of the way, every day. We had a few friends drop by to add a few things but 99% of the instrumentation was done by myself, John and our producer, Ian Love. Believe me, there is A LOT going on in that record but it really was mostly just the 3 of us.

John: We are very involved in production in that we had dug through all the sounds available to us at the time of recording. Ian had a huge role in the finished versions of those songs. He’d have an idea for a sound or melody or we would and we’d collectively craft into the songs. It was a very democratic way of recording an album.

Bran: How did the record release show go?

Garrett: It was amazing. The Bell House is one of the best venues in NYC and we were lucky to get it for this show. It truly was a hometown show and I think we showed everyone how far we’ve come since we started.

John: The record release show, for me, was definitely one of the highlights of the year. Full room, lots of good friends and family, great sound, great sound system, Kevin Campbell doing an undeniably beautiful job with the projections and little to no missed notes…barring my first broken string in A/P history…but whatever. It was a great night.

Brian: From where do you draw your influences?

Garrett and John: Too many to mention but here’s a few: life in general, photography, skateboarding, surfing, good food, traveling, sitting still, good wine, long drives, old & new friends, books, green grass, blue skies, snowboarding, Berlin, NYC, Jersey, coastal & central France, our families, New Order, The Cure, long drives, punk rock, and others that are positive thinking., etc, etc.

Brian: Do you set time aside to jam, or do you get inspired to write at random times?

Garrett: We’ve been primarily concentrating on promoting this record so we haven’t had much time to write new material. We all constantly have ideas floating around, but for now we’re focusing on playing the songs on Meet Your New Love for the next year. Personally if I’m home I always have a guitar close by at all times.

John: I’d have to say I’m typically inspired to write almost exclusively at random times. Usually in the basement or some odd hour in my room. Ill record things, into my phone by humming them. I used to carry a microcasette recorder until I got my iPhone. Now it’s filling up with bizarre half-hummed ideas.

Brian: What has been the most exciting part of the Atlantic/Pacific experience thus far?

Garrett: Not an easy question to answer. We are still blown away by the response the album has gotten since its release. Touring/Traveling is always high on our list of favorite things, but in reality it’s getting to meet new people who are passionate and creative about music and life in general that has the most impact on AP.

John: Touring Europe has been a blast. Getting a GREAT label, booking agent, PR company onboard. That’s definitely an exciting point of this band. It more or less says that we’re kind of heading in the right direction to me. Everything lately has been exciting. We are constantly busy. I love it.

Brian: If Atlantic/Pacific could host a music festival, what artists would you invite?

Garrett and John: Good question! Well, I think we’d all like to see The Smiths reform before we die, so they could be the Saturday night headliner (we would, however, settle for a Morrissey solo set). Maybe Fleet Foxes could headline the Friday night slot. Other bands could be: Underworld, Depeche Mode, Animal Collective, Beach House, Echo And The Bunnymen, Wilco, Broken Social Scene, Jose Gonzales, Cut Copy, Neil Young, LCD Soundsystem, The Rolling Stones, Neil Halstead, The Pet Shop Boys, Radiohead, The xx, James Lavelle (DJ set), and we’d like to have Ride do a reunion, The Clientele, Sharon Jones & The Budos Band.

Of course, Atlantic/Pacific would be the final act on Sunday night. On stage @ sunset J

Brian: What is one thing about Atlantic/Pacific your fans might not know?

Garrett and John: We love R&B, 60’s, 70’s R&B and soul music and one of the best DJ’s we’ve ever seen lives in Hamburg and plays that stuff all night long.

Brian: If you could collaborate with any other artist in music, who would it be?

Garrett: Personally speaking, Harry Nilsson. I think AP could make a great record with him singing. Total drag he died more than ten years ago.

John: John Lydon, Thom Yorke, Brian Eno, Panda Bear, Chan Marshall, Julie London, Paul McCartney or Ernest Green.