Kanye West “Heart Broke Most” when his Louis Vuitton footwear collaboration finished

by Daniel Haim

Kanye West says his “heart broke most” when his Louis Vuitton footwear collaboration finished.

The 33-year-old musician introduced a sneaker range for the exclusive French fashion house last year, establishing him as a key figure in the fashion world.

Kanye loved creating the line, and has expressed the heartbreak he experienced when the collection was discontinued. “I thank Marc Jacobs so much for giving me the opportunity to design a shoe for Louis Vuitton, but the thing that broke my heart most was when they said, ‘You’re finished. The shoe’s finished,’” recalled Kanye, as he made a speech at the recent Accessories Council ACE Awards.

Kanye was honored as Stylemaker of the Year at the prestigious event, and although he was thrilled with the accolade, he couldn’t shake off his disappointment over the Louis Vuitton incident. He described the immense connection he felt when he entered the design world, admitting he used his childhood experiences to help him. “ When it was ready it was like the dream of putting together the fabric and having the energy that I knew of being a street kid, of being a boy out of Chicago, and enjoying every day and the way I can connect with this. It’s like, you can’t play the video game anymore,” he revealed.