Kanye West Media Trainer Quits After Today Interview Debacle

by Brian Willett

Being Kanye West‘s media trainer could be one of the most difficult positions in all of media.  Kanye West is at the top of the rap game, knows it, and doesn’t have qualms about letting everyone else know, too.  In a word, West can be blunt, which doesn’t always go over well, and is often the reason that West is misunderstood.

So perhaps it’s not a surprise that Kanye West’s media trainer quit this week, following a botched interview on Today.  The rapper was asked to explain comments George W. Bush made about the rapper, referencing Kanye’s accusations of racism after Hurricane Katrina.  Yes, people are still talking about that.

In preparation for the appearance, Kanye West’s crew hired Susie Arons to prep him for the Matt Lauer interview.  According to reports, Arons helped West prepare the morning of the interview, with disastrous results:

“West shut himself in a dressing room with Susie, and could be heard rehearsing possible questions and answers,” said a witness. “But the interview began, and it was as though he had crammed for a test and then his mind went blank.”

West also got frustrated when he was interrupted by Today running a clip of him interrupting Taylor Swift:

“Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you’re going to run the thing in the middle while I’m talking?”

The highly public debacle led to complaints by West via Twitter, and Arons was promptly dismissed.

Things should turn up for Kanye West, as he releases the highly anticipated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on November 22.  Our review of the album is here