Learn Lady Gaga: College Launches Lady Gaga Sociology Course

by Daniel Haim

In an attempt to prove that the university should be known as something other than “The Other USC,” the University of South Carolina is offering a course inspired by Lady Gaga: “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame.” The course will reportedly delve into what it’s like to be famous in the modern world, and how the rise of cultural movements such as social media have influenced this world. Lady Gaga seems to be a fitting subject, as she is not only an overnight success enjoying the highest levels of fame, but she has also used her notoriety to support her views. And we’re willing to bet she’d give one heck of a guest lecture. Check out the video below for detais. Would you want to take a Lady Gaga-inspired course? Who would you like to see a course about? Let us know in the comments!

Lady Gaga South Carolina Sociology Course