Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are expanding The Row to Shoes & Hand bags

by Daniel Haim

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are expanding The Row to include shoes and bags.

The twins have three successful fashion labels, The Row, Elizabeth and James and Olsenboye, which all appeal to different markets. The Row is high end and has a host of celebrity fans, with Heidi Klum recently spotted in a dress from the range.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been blown away by how successful the brand has become, so have decided to extend it. Next year a line of handbags will premiere, with footwear also on the horizon. “It would be a proper American luxury brand, made in America, with retail business and maybe collaborations with other brands,” Ashley said of the label.

The pair revealed they decided to become designers after seeing how many young girls copied their style. They wanted to create a version of their look which was good quality and would last.

Mary-Kate and Ashley take designing very seriously. They start work at 9am every day, and are often still in the office at 4am when they have deadlines. They do it because they want people to take them seriously in the industry, which is also why they have shied away from lavish runway shows. The duo worry spectacular debuts will only draw attention to them as celebrities, and don’t want their garments to be overlooked.

You can shop their collection line right here.