Trunk Muzik 0-60 Shows Versatility, Talent

by Brian Willett

When you have the likes of Bun B, Raekwon and Gucci Mane providing guest verses on your album, you must be doing something right.  Such is the case with Yelawolf, who brings his distinctive style from Gadsen, Alabama straight to your trunk on Trunk Muzik 0-60.

Despite the guest spots, Yelawolf shines on Trunk Muzik 0-60, often varying his rhythm and flow drastically within the span of just a few bars (see “Trunk Muzik” for one example).  Although most of the tracks on Trunk Muzik o-60 seem specifically intended as cruising music, Yelawolf also offers clear club-bangers, such as “I Just Wanna Party,” “Good To Go” and “Get The F*ck Up,” which opens the album on the strength of some gun shots and fuzzed out guitars.

Yelawolf offers a wide variety of feels, from the sultry “Box Chevy, Pt. 3,” a continuation of a theme explored on previous mix-tapes in parts one and two, to the smooth flow and larger than life sound on “Daddy’s Lambo.”  Although there’s plenty of car talk, Yelawolf doesn’t take the theme too far, so you don’t feel as though you’re listening to an audio book on bad-ass mechanics.

Trunk Muzik 0-60 doesn’t waste too much time dwelling on haters, although given Yelawolf’s talent and the praise this disc has been attracting, he’s sure to be making plenty of envious peers about which to write on his next effort.