Sapto Djojokartiko 2010 Collection Look Book

by Daniel Haim

Born in Solo a City with aristocracy antiquity from the glory of old mataram kingdom in Java island mixed with Dutch feudalism. Tradition, Folktales, Dance, Music, Architectural are captured in his mind and brought ideas to his imagination in creating his arts.

Drawing was his endowed talent in designing. Beginning his step in the world of fashion in 1997 he decided to study Fashion Design & Pattern Making at L’ecole superieure des art et technique de la mode.In 2007 the brand Sapto djojokartiko was born after undergoing various profession related to fashion.

The cultural background where he was raised influence his way of thinking in all His attainment.He always try to combine,twist, and harmonise different cultural background with unique technique explore into imagination in creating his work. Capturing emotion from an idea and tried to interpret his visions into volume & detail that can visualize the ideas origin.

Bold,modern,edgy and classic with a touch of surrealism will always be explore into his signature in creating his work of art. For Sapto his work is a journey to explore more inspiration in creating His design imagination.

Sapto Djojokartiko 2010 Look book