Weezer – Death To False Metal Review: B-Side Collection Earns an A

No, you’re not reading that incorrectly. This is another Weezer release, mere weeks after Hurley hit stores.  Weezer’s Death To False Metal is a b-side collection, but anyone who is familiar with Weezer’s history (or just remembers tracks like “Waiting on You,” “Devotion” and “Tragic Girl”) knows that what doesn’t make a Weezer album is often as excited as what does.  In the case of Death To False Metal, this is true – Weezer shows a wide variety of sounds on this album.

“Turning Up The Radio” illustrates Weezer’s ability to go from a stripped-down, bass-heavy verse into a soaring, stadium-filling chorus.  The upbeat “I Don’t Want Your Loving” chugs along with classic Weezer feel, albeit with an in-your-face attitude that isn’t always present.

Double-entendre was never more alive as it is on “Blowing My Stack,” which makes it thematically similar to Hurley track “Where’s My Sex,” though without a child-inspired backstory.  Pinkerton-like guitar blasts are alive on several tracks, such as “Trampoline,” which is a nice touch, especially for older fans.

Not every track hits the mark, however, as “Everyone” is a bit grating and when frontman Rivers Cuomo repeats “I want to take you somewhere,” you might feel like you want to leave the room as well.  Meanwhile, “I’m A Robot” has a silly sound that isn’t entirely pleasant.  You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the album closer, “Unbreak My Heart,” is moving or overly corny; it could go either way.

Overall, Death to False Metal is a must-have for hardcore Weezer fans, and even those who don’t already own every single song recorded by this prolific group will probably want to pick it up as well.