Will Ferrell Working for Justin Bieber

by Daniel Haim

Will Ferrell has joked that he’s Justin Bieber’s new roadie.The 43-year-old actor has been busy promoting his new movie Megamind recently, an animated tale about a super-villain who finds life pointless after finally conquering his nemesis, the hero Metro Man.As well as being a successful film star, Will has teased he’s been earning some extra cash working for teen pop sensation Justin Bieber and accompanying him on tour. He added he isn’t very good at his new job though. “I do mostly sound checks though I don’t know what I’m doing,” laughed Will in an interview with ET.Justin – who had gate crashed Will’s interview during the premiere of Megamind – was only happy to add fuel to the joke, claiming the Hollywood star often carries his guitar. Justin mocked the reason he employed Will was because he has a lot of “spunk”.“That’s my main asset,” laughed Will. The talented actor then went on to explain how tough shooting Megamind was. Funnyman Will claimed he spent two hours in make-up every day before recording his lines, even though his image wasn’t captured on camera. “I’ve been waking up at six in the morning, two hours of make-up. I’m not even in the movie – it’s animated!” he joked.