Benjamin Millepied Biography: Natalie Portman’s Dancing Fiance

by Brian Willett

As we reported earlier, Natalie Portman is now pregnant and engaged to Benjamin Millepied. The two met on the set of Portman’s latest film, Black Swan, as Benjamin Millepied is a dancer who choreographed the film.  Given that not many readers had heard of Benjamin Millepied prior to his engagement to Natalie Portman, we felt compelled to provide some information.

Millepied is a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet; you can find the ballet’s performances and workouts right here.

Benjamin Millepied Biography

Benjamin Millepied was born June 10, 1977 in Bordeaux, France and at age 8 began training for dance, under the instruction of his mother, a former ballerina.  When Millepied turned 13, he began studying at the revered Conservatoire National in Lyon.

In 2005, Millepied joined the New York City Ballet, and just three years later, was promoted to a soloist.  In 2002, Millepied was promoted again to principal dancer.

Before choreographing Black Swan, Millepied acted as a choreographer for Danses Concertantes, his own ballet company, as well as American Ballet Theater and City Ballet.

Millepied met Portman while working on Black Swan, and in addition to choreographing the dances, Millepied appears in the film.  Millepied and Portman are engaged and expecting a child.