Debut single “Fade to Black / I Go Away”

by Daniel Haim

MNDR has been one of the most talked about names this year, and with good reason – Amanda Warner and her producer / co-writer Peter Wade have been forging their own distinctive path in 2010 with their madly inventive, infectious vein of electro pop, at once off-kilter and addictive, as influenced by Chicago juke and IDM as by the more traditional structures of hip hop and R&B.

Now, riding the wave of tips for 2011, MNDR stride into the new year with their debut UK single, released on Trouble on January 3, which collects together two of MNDR’s most indelible pop moments to date. First is the propulsive, galvanising serotonin rush of “Fade to Black”, a glorious collision of pinballing beats and rousing vocals, reaching its peak on the call to arms on the chorus. The flipside “I Go Away” meanwhile, reveals the human heart in the machinery, and is a beautifully desolate, lovelorn ballad, elevated by Warner’s world weary croon and defiant lyrics, especially when Warner sings, “This is my anthem/ I know it like I know everything”. Together, they form an undeniable one-two punch, and a brilliant introduction to the fantastically varied oeuvre of MNDR.