Farro Brothers Leave Paramore, Claim Hayley Williams Took Over

You might have caught that post last week about Paramore having “bittersweet” feelings about their latest album Brand New Eyes, and planning to make it into the studio sometime soon to work on a new album – if not, read it RIGHT HERE.  While that still may be the case, it looks like the band will have to do so sans the Farro brothers – Josh and Zac.  For those unfamiliar with the band, Josh plays lead guitar and provides backing vocals, while Zac plays drums.

From an outsider’s perspective, one would think the members of Paramore were exceptionally close from growing up together and sharing the same faith (Christianity).  It seems like that is not the case, however.  Josh and Zac Farro recently released a statement telling the truth behind Paramore, and how the band has revolved around vocalist Hayley Williams for quite some time now.  When Paramore came out with its original statement about the Farro brothers’ departure, it sounded like the split was mutual.  Williams stated through an announcement on the band’s website that it seemed like the Farro brothers did not want to be around or in the band anymore, but that they will still remain friends. Williams also wished the brothers best of luck in their future endeavors.

According to the Farro brothers, Williams was trying to play down the issues at hand.   However, at the end of the Farro brothers’ statement, they said that they were not ganging up or coming out at Williams – they just wanted to clear some ambiguities from the past and state the true reasons as to why they left Paramore.

In my opinion though, the Farro Brothers make some heavy-handed statements, such as not wanting to be on bad terms with her and the rest of the band.  Maybe that’s their way of being diplomatic.  In any case, Josh and Zac said that they were the original members of the band and asked Hayley to join.  Somehow, over time the band became “all about Hayley”, and her parents and manager made her leave the band for a prolonged period of time to work as a solo artist.   Before this point, the band wasn’t even known as Paramore.  It was only after Williams was done with her solo work that she invited the Farros back into the band (that they started and named).

There are a lot of details to this story, and I’m trying my best to be nonpartisan. But in light of the Farro brothers’ statement, it’s difficult to not take their side.  Throughout their statement, Josh and Zac explain how they were constantly manipulated and controlled by Hayley and her agents, managers and parents to the point where it appeared to be Hayley’s band.  When Paramore was originally signed to labels and negotiating contracts, only Hayley and her team were present – the Farro brothers as well as Jeremy Davis (bass guitar) and Jason Bynum (rhythm guitar) were “left in the dark”.  The band eventually signed (at first to Atlantic Records then to a slew of others), but again, according to the Farros, it was a signing party for Hayley, and a few guys that backed her up during shows.  I am honestly surprised the Farros, or any of the band members were able to tolerate Williams’ behavior for as long as they did.

The story behind what caused Paramore to break apart when and why it did is too complicated for me to cover all of it.  A few key things that made Josh and Zac make up their minds were that “the friendships [the] band once had were no longer existent”, and that Hayley was writing lyrics that contrasted with ideals of Christianity.  Josh and Zac couldn’t bear to fight her anymore, and what was originally an act of compromising led to broken friendships and regret.

So even though I failed to be unbiased, I will say this – we at Bloginity wish both the Farro brothers and Paramore (as it stands) the best of luck in their future endeavors.  Zac Farro has already formed a new band called Tunnel, and has just recently released a single entitled “Hide Your Eyes”.  Be sure to check it out below.

If you’re more of a fan of Paramore, download the band’s music RIGHT HERE.

Tunnel – Hide Your Eyes