Indie Titans Combine to Launch New Live, Dj Hybrid – London Guns.

In these days of Traktor, Ableton and auto beat synch, anyone can be a Joe Bloggs DJ. You know the sort – Track 1 – beat match, Track 2 – beat match, Track 3 – beat match & repeat for rest of night >> soulless, droid like DJ… CDJ2D2 but without ‘The Force’.

The quantum leap forward in technology has weirdly lead to a step back in DJ creativity. It’s time to draw a line under this, time to throw the Steven Hawkins style DJ’s over the cliff and let them drown… Its time to bring some rock and roll back into DJ’ing, bring back a bit of performance to the stage… It’s time to break out the big guns… It’s time for London Guns.

London Guns sees the bringing together of two indie titans, the Irrepressible Gary Powell (that drummer from The Libertines) and the dapper Adam Ficek (that drummer from Babyshambles). Both of them are seriously busy, established headline DJs in their own right – separately playing all over Europe for the last three years. They will be forming a unique DJ duo that raise the bar in DJ performances, that not only play a unique DJ set but also brings that pizzazz back into the DJ booth.

So, first of all – what will they be playing? Taking a leaf out of 2 Many DJs book, they will be playing unique, self produced mash up’s and re-edits fused with brand new downloads and some vinyl from the back of the crates. Musically, it will be a mix of indie, electro and re-worked dancefloor classics.

So, what is this “pizzazz”? Simple, Adam and Gary will be bringing their live background to the dancefloor, introducing live drums (electronic pads, acoustic, percussion and timbales) to the DJ experience. While one is DJing, the other will be playing drums alongside the other. There will even be drum solo’s! Don’t worry, they won’t be getting all Phil Collins – they will play over specially made edits.

So, there you have it. London Guns in the area.