Kelly Osbourne refuses to speak to her sister

by Dami Olonisakin

Talk about drama! Kelly Osbourne and Aimee Osbourne are no longer on speaking terms after sources reveal they had a huge disagreement which lead to an even bigger argument, big enough to ask the family to hold two different Christmas celebrations !

“Aimee and Kelly haven’t spoken for months after an almighty row. They’ve always had a challenging relationship but this last row seems to have tipped them both over the edge. It’s become a ­nightmare situation for the whole ­family. Sharon’s distraught about what’s happened. Neither girl will back down. Kelly’s been ­telling her friends that the family will have to get used to the fact that they just don’t get on. Hate is a strong word. But they really don’t like each other. Kelly doesn’t want to know and Aimee seems to have already moved on from it all.”

We didn’t think that the two would one day hold hands and skip in a daisy field, but its Christmas isn’t this a little OTT?