NGHBRS On The Gunz Show Tonight 9PM EST

Tonight at 9pm, NGHBRS will be a guest on The Gunz Show along with The Damned Things and We The Kings. Please go to listen. Their debut EP, Hellomind, is available on iTunes now.

NGHBRS has also recently released an exclusive studio session video of their hit song “Bodies” on To watch the video, please go to:

Formed in the summer of 2009, NGHBRS (pronounced Neighbors), made it their mission to create the most unique musical project they possibly could. After months of writing and collaborating, Ian Kenny (vocals/keys), Jordan Schneider (drums), Tommy Fleischmann (guitar), and Eric Vivelo (bass), were confident in their newfound sound.

By April 2010, their first single, “Bodies,” was released, and within weeks, chosen for the soundtrack of “National Lacrosse League 2010,” the first ever Lacrosse video game for XBOX. The subsequent buzz, generated not only by the release of their first single, but also the band’s unparalleled live performance, helped expand their fan base across Long Island.

In May 2010, the band entered the studio with renowned producer Bryan Russell (Envy On The Coast, Straylight Run, The Narrative) and Dan Gluszak (Envy on the Coast) to record their first EP, Hellomind. The EP is a tasteful mix of the band’s raw energy, catchy hooks, and melodic instrumentation. Influenced by bands such as The Foo Fighters, RX Bandits, and MuteMath, each member of NGHBRS brings a unique style to the table, creating a sound that can be appreciated by a vast audience.