Paramore Writing New Album, Say Brand New Eyes Success is Bittersweet

Paramore – also known to some as the Hayley Williams band – is in the early stages of development of its new album, which has yet to be named. The new disc will follow the career-defining Brand New Eyes, which spawned five hit singles and international fame.

Paramore –  also known to some as the Hayley Williams band –  is in the early stages of development of its new album, which has yet to be named.  For those of you unfamiliar with the band, Paramore is one of the hottest contemporary punk bands.  Paramore is one of the few popular contemporary punk bands that feature a woman (Hayley Williams) as vocalist…so I guess when I said hot, it could be interpreted in a couple of ways (no male chauvinism intended).  But Paramore is undoubtedly on fire, as the band’s latest release,  Brand New Eyes, has sold over two million copies since its release in 2009 – you can download the album right here.

Brand New Eyes features five hit singles, and is widely considered Paramore’s best work in its six-year career.  That said, Paramore admits feelings of ambivalence in its departure from the album.  To me, these feelings are completely reasonable.  The follow-up to a widely acclaimed and best selling record can’t be easy.  Fans and critics alike expect so much, making it difficult to live up to expectations.  In that sense, albums following best sellers are usually received as disappointing, even if they are not necessarily so.  The higher expectations create an unfortunate situation for the band and for fans, as neither feel as though expectations are being met.

Ambivalence is not the only feeling that follows such a successful album.  Paramore has yet to experience such fame, and the members want to bask in their accomplishments as much as possible.  For devout fans of Paramore though, you might be asking yourself “What are you talking about?  Riot! was a huge hit!” – and you’d be right.  Brand New Eyes, however, was received on an even larger scale and allowed Paramore’s music to spread on an international level, with broad recognition from music magazines and media outlets.  Paramore does know what fame feels like – what they are experiencing now is more sentimental in a way, as being featured in renowned music sources is probably rewarding to say the least.  So when it comes to taking time off, honestly, who can blame them?  It’s just a question of that line where absorbing all of the fame comes off as sheer laziness – a bit extreme, but hopefully you get what I mean.

The word Paramore uses to describe its feelings towards leaving Brand New Eyes behind is “bittersweet”, according to an interview with MTV News.  The members assured the media and its fans, however, that they will be biting the bullet, so to speak, and heading back to the studio.   They are in no rush to complete the album, says Williams.  Paramore just wrapped up a tour following the release, and will be touring South America in January and February.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Brand New Eyes.  If Paramore’s name isn’t ringing any bells, I’m sure more than a fair amount of you will recognize them by their radio hit “Misery Business”, a song that defines the band in a way.  Hayley Williams also lends her vocals to B.o.B.’s “Airplanes,” which you’ve likely heard.