Charlie Wilson – Just Charlie; Smooth Solo Effort from Gap Band Singer

Charlie Wilson is known to many as the lead singer of the Gap Band, but the singer proves his solo efforts have not been a fluke on his latest effort, Just Charlie.  Although Charlie Wilson has worked with a veritable who’s who of the R&B and hip-hop worlds, he keeps things simple on Just Charlie, limiting the guest spots to just one (Fantasia, on “I Wanna Be Your Man”), which allows him to shine.

Charlie Wilson’s Just Charlie stands out for several reasons.  Unlike many modern albums, Just Charlie does not feature an overwhelming amount of studio tampering, but soars instead on the strength of Wilson’s strong, smooth vocals.  In addition, Wilson’s song selections are consistent, with heartfelt lyrics and a style that complements his talents.

From the smooth opener, “My Girl Is A Dime” to the acoustic-guitar tinged “Once and Forever,” the feel of each track is different, but the quality is high throughout.  Wilson is a master of the modern love song, never sounding corny or forced, with a confidence men can admire and a sweetness women will appreciate.

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Charlie Wilson – Just Charlie Tracklist

1 My Girl Is A Dime
2 You Are
3 I Wanna Be Your (Featuring Fantasia)
4 Never Got Enough
5 Once And Forever
6 Life Of The Party
7 I Can’t Let Go
8 Crying For You
9 Where Would I Be
10 Lotto