Adam Leber Says Britney Spears Grammy Rumors are Just That

We began the weekend with a tiny “PR Leak” and when I’m saying “PR Leak” I mean, there was something written in a press release that was not supposed to be written there.

The release did not come from Britney’s management side, but came through Dr Luke’s end therefore this strengthened  the rumors whether Britney Spears will be performing at the GRAMMYs or not.

Let us not forget that the GRAMMYs will take place on Feb. 13, 2011 which still gives us nearly two weeks to still hope.

Britney’s GRAMMY performance rumors started approximately two months ago, but were never confirmed. The GRAMMYs officially said they “could not confirm” the performance which could only mean one thing – if they can’t say “No, she won’t be performing” then it’s an official maybe. Right? Perez Hilton comes about a month later and says he’s got sources that confirm what we have confirmed. Perez said, and I quote, “Right now there are no plans for her to open the show but we’re told that “she’s been rehearsing for weeks and it’s gonna be a truly great performance!” (note that trashed this article from his site and it’s only accessible via web cache which is how I personally dug it out). In addition to that rumor, JustJared continued the buzz, making Brit fans hope it’s true.

Whether this is true or not, Bloginity’s intentions were not to confuse, make up stories; do not think that we are doing this to create a name for ourselves because this is definitely not the way of making the name we have been building for ourselves since 2008.

Our personal opinion at this point is that either the GRAMMYs wanted this to be a “surprise performance”, or maybe @AdamLeber is just being an asshole like he usually is but his tweet clarifies rumors, saying

“Need to clear something up. This Grammy rumor is just that, a rumor. @BritneySpears was NEVER performing.” He has since received serious criticism for that statement on Twitter.

Learning about the Brit fans, I understand you are disappointed. But I stand by my sources as there are still two weeks left and only time will tell.

My sources are from the inside and from both different sides including GRAMMY employees, and people close to the producer. As much as I want these to not be rumors and to tell you this is 100% true I cannot, and I will be as disappointed and you are.

Remember that when we launched this website, our belief stated that was created for the people who love music, love movies, love to laugh but most of all appreciate the people who make it happen – and I’m not talking about myself I am referring to Britney Spears, Adam Leber, Dr Luke, or the people who arrange the GRAMMYs because after all they are the ones who entertain us at all times.