Drinking Gasoline? Four Loko Recycled into Fuel for Cars

by Brian Willett

How would you feel if the same beverage you enjoyed at the bar was used to fuel the car that got you there?  If you were a fan of Four Loko, then you may be qualified to answer this question in the near future.  Four Loko was pulled from shelves across the nation due to its dangerous combination of alcohol and caffeinated ingredients such as guarana.  And while a new, non-caffeinated version is in the works, there’s still plenty of original Four Loko hanging around.  But since it can’t be sold, Four Loko is being recycled…into fuel for cars.

That’s right – the popular college beverage that could take your night from boring to blackout in a few ounces is now capable of taking your car from 0 to 60.   As the video below explains, ethanol, which is used to fuel vehicles, can be made from anything containing sugar, as ethanol is a form of alcohol.  Now that’s appetizing.

Four Loko Recycled Into Ethanol Fuel