Diane Von Furstenberg: The 2011 DVF Awards Information

by Iain Alexander

The prestigious DVF Awards will be honoring this year a whole host of inspiring women who have changed the face of humanitarian work, and embarked upon a journey to make the world better.

The Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation this year will award four nominees with a $50,0000 grant that will boost their philanthropic efforts around the world. This includes a ‘People’s Voice’ category where the public can vote for their favorite nominees. A lucky voter will win a trip to New York City including a special DVF outfit. The nominee in this category with the highest amount of votes will receive $50,000.

Each year two awards are given to women in the Vital Voices Global Network and a third to a public figure who has made a resounding impact in the wider international community.

The DVF recognizes women who have made a huge difference to other people’s lives through leadership, determination, and passion. Their efforts also continue to advance social, economic and political issues.

Last year’s Awards, held at the United Nations in New York were attended by the likes of Meryl Streep and Ingrid Betancourt, the French politician who had been held captive in Colombia by the Farc for over 6 years.

The philanthropic efforts of Sadiqa Basiri Saleem, who had launched an all women’s college in her native Afghanistan, was just one of the four recipients of the 2010 DVF grant.

Each nominee had made a huge impact in their communities with resounding changes felt by others that have given them a hope for a better future.

Enter the ’People’s Voice’ contest in 2011

This year’s contest will begin today, January 31st 2011 and conclude on February 15th. Voters will enter a draw to win a trip to New York and attend the DVF 2011 Awards in the latest fashion wear.

Log on to DVF via Facebook from January 31st to February 15th enter the competition. Click here for the chance to win a trip to New York City in a brand new DVF outfits, and attend the 2011 DVF Awards.