Exclusive: Tom Hanks predicts the future

by Iain Alexander

Tom Hanks has made a bold prediction for the future of TV on twitter. The Hollywood actor rarely issues any statements on his account but chose to send his fans a new years ‘food for thought’.

“In 2011… I predict we will watch TV on small, hand-help screens called ‘Tele-bits’. What a wonder that will be! Hanx” – Twitter.com/tomhanks

The actor who is no stranger to technology is an investor in electric cars and wanted to be an astronaut before he became an actor. He is also a member of a non-profit space advocacy organization called the National Space Society. Some of Hanks’ most memorable films include Apollo 13, Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan.

Toy Story 3 ‘Best film of 2010’

Quentin Tarantino earlier this week named ‘Toy story 3’ the best film of 2010. The prolific director used to watch 2 films every day when he worked for a video rental store before he became famous. Tom Hanks, who reprised the role of Woody in the third Toy Story outing for Pixar has lent his voice to other animation films including ‘The Polar Express’.

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Tom Hanks on @tomhanks,

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