Facebook Closing March 15? Is it Really Shutting Down?

by Brian Willett

Have you heard that Facebook is closing March 15?  Apparently, rumors claiming that Facebook is shutting down March 15 are all over the web, and that has plenty of people worried.  If Facebook is closing March 15, people are going to have to be a lot more productive at work!  But is Facebook really shutting down?  The answer, logically, is no. Here’s why.

Facebook is a behemoth, a billion-dollar service that has users and advertisers smitten. Obviously, it would be foolish to shut down the service. If Facebook was closing March 15, Mark Zuckerberg would be throwing away a fortune (not that he doesn’t already have one).  But Facebook shutting down would leave a massive gap in the social network, so don’t worry, it’s unlikely to occur at this point, certainly not by March 15.

Facebook Closing March 15?

So where did the Facebook closing March 15 rumor come from?  Apparently, an opinion piece on how a $500 million investment into Yahoo! video – which was slated to shut down March 15 – would affect Facebook sparked the rumor.  Although that seems an absurd cause of the Facebook closing rumor, internet rumors have been sparked over less ridiculous causes, so we wouldn’t be surprised.

Just rest assured that Facebook and your little FarmVilles aren’t going anywhere.

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