Mean Girls 2 to Feature “More Evil” Plastics, “More Heart” Overall

by Brian Willett

Mean Girls 2?  Is it really happening?  Apparently, yes.  Although the original Mean Girls dropped in 2004 (yes, it’s been that long), Mean Girls 2 is slated to premiere tonight on ABC Family, with a DVD release February 1.  Unsurprisingly, Mean Girls 2 will not feature Lindsay Lohan, whose legal problems have all but derailed her career.  However, that won’t hold Mean Girls 2 back; one of the Plastics actresses, Nicole Anderson (Hope), explained that Mean Girls 2 is more intense than the original.

“There’s more heart,” said Anderson. “There are a lot of heartwarming moments throughout the movie.”  In addition, Anderson said the Plastics are “more evil,” although she didn’t explain exactly how.

The Mean Girls sequel will feature a different narrative arc than the original, with lead character Jo befriending an outcast named Abby, only because Jo’s father promised to pay all of her college expenses.  Jo’s relationship with Abby then develops to the point that she wants to help Abby take on the ever-present Plastics.

You can pick up Mean Girls on DVD right here.

Mean Girls 2 Discussion

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