Kid Cudi Reveals Info About New Wizards Album; Mixtape In the Works

For those of you that remember, Kid Cudi made an appearance on MTV a few months back saying that his passion was no longer with rap, and that he had shifted towards guitar playing (we discussed that right here).  Furthermore, Kid Cudi revealed plans of a rock group called Wizards, which features Dot Da Genius, one of Cudi’s producers.  Now, Cudi has more solid information about his plans with Wizards – an album is to be coming out soon. According to an announcement on Twitter,  the Wizards album is due sometime in the summer of 2011.

As Cudi describes it, both he and Dot Da Genius are producing and writing the material, so as of now Wizards is just a two-man act.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they added more to their ensemble though – I mean, I don’t really know any rock band without a drummer, to say the least.  I feel as if Cudi is being vague just to add to the element of surprise.  People were shocked when he stopped rapping in favor of rock, and now have no idea what to expect.  By not releasing specific information, Cudi has more breathing room for creativity, in a way.  However, Cudi did say that Dot Da Genius is learning how to play bass, so at least they have their two guitarists down.  Cudi also stated that he is waiting until his project is perfect – or, in his words, “…the edit must be epic.”

In what seems like almost a side note (well, compared to that, what wouldn’t be?),  Kid Cudi also announced the impending release of a new mix tape this summer, titled A Man Named Scott.  It plays around with Cudi’s first mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi.  In case it wasn’t obvious, Scott is Cudi’s legal first name – Cudi is claiming to have grown up the past few years (well, we’ll see about that).  The Twitter statement that Kid Cudi released concerning Scott tries to show the rapper’s elation of what is to come in the future, but in doing so fails to show his maturity.  According to the announcement, “for all those who fucks with my raps, this is for u since ima be all rocked out with the wizard shit.”  …Yeah, really mature.  Granted, any artist receives much criticism in their careers, but there’s a better way to deal with it than Cudi does.  But, he is a rapper, and rappers don’t necessarily seem to handle critics all too well.  If Cudi is claiming himself to be a man, he should own up to that statement.  A start would be releasing statements without profanity, perhaps showing his sincerity for future music projects.  I don’t know of any well-established musicians who release statements in the way he does, but maybe that’s something Cudi is going for.  If nothing else, he certainly is surprising his fans, if not the media world as a whole.

Cudi has a lot on his hands the next few months.  Be on the lookout for more announcements about his Wizards project, and be sure to check out A Man Named Scott as well.

You can download Kid Cudi’s music right here.