Kitsuné Release Kitsuné Parisien, A Showcase of the New Parisian Music Scene

The new Kitsuné compilation is called KITSUNÉ PARISIEN! Selected by label head-honcho Gildas Loaëc and Int party hopper/artist ‘André’ Saraiva, it showcases the cream of the new Parisian music scene. No surprise, these two know a thing or two about Paris and music. Loaëc was Daft Punk’s right hand man for fifteen years before founding Kitsuné. Whereas André, having long sprayed his ‘Monsieur A’ over the capital’s walls, always welcomes up & coming bands and djs in his various clubs, which in return have become essential platforms for local new talents to emerge.

Destin – Adélaïde

Parisians Louis and Alexandre do everything together. They write, play and sing together. Apart from ‘Adelaïde’ which was mostly penned and interpreted by Alexandre. Their solid French-sung electro pop has already won them many admirers.

Birkii – Shade Of Doubt

Birkii isn’t a band but a young Parisian woman who has been studying violin at the conservatoire of music since she was five. Her childhood and teenage years were rather music-loving. Here’s what happens when she toys with a Casio SK1 given to her by her flatmate who probably couldn’t cope with violin screeching anymore. Nice and sensual.

Yan Wagner – Recession Song

Paris almost lost this talented, handsome dark guy to New York, but he made it back to the capital right on time. His Parisian style is as elegant as it’s flexible. New French scene alert! The track is called ‘Recession Song’.

Housse De Racket – Château (Golden Bug Remix)

Parisian band Housse de Racket gets to grip with writng the ultimate song. A beautiful quest if there ever was one. First excerpt from their forthcoming album to be released spring 2011. Here remixed by Golden Bug.

Jupiter – Saké

A French/English Parisian duo, Jupiter is a couple in music and in life. Their music is brilliant, under the auspices of disco. They met on a dancefloor which had been cleared by a ‘slightly too retro’ song. Nice place for an encounter. We had them on Kitsuné Maison 9 and here they are again.

Logo – Hello.jpg

Another Parisian duo, Hughes and Thomas studied at the renowned Dauphine faculté and Penningen art school. One sports a beard, the other doesn’t. Chic, racey, stylish… they are our ‘Giorgio Moroder’. The track is called ‘hello.jpg’ which means ‘hi’ in French.

Ryskee feat Jenny Wilson – Horrors of Love (Jamaica’s Sunshine Remix)

Play Paul, a longtime Parisian friend from pre-Kitsuné days, has a new project on the go called Ryskee. Remixed here by Jamaica, the latest French band aiming to crack the international market. It features the unique vocals of Jenny Wilson who’s no stranger to Kitsuné compilations.

Beautaucue – Behold

The exception that proves the rule: Beataucue live in Caen – two hours from Paris. Twenty years old and annoyingly talented, these boys are really happening right now. Kinda carnal techno. No, they didn’t get a chance to witness the first French touch, they were five years old when Daft Punk released their first album.

Sauvage – Glory

Edouard and Pierre Alain are twenty and twenty one years old. They’ve been working together for eighteen months. “We wanted to come up with tracks that were unusual in their sounds and structures. It’s going well, the visions are getting more and more precise”. You have to give it to them, Sauvage is a good name for a Parisian act.

Valley – 1999

Two Parisian brothers. “Not that easy to find good pop in Paris but Valley do a great job” promises Gildas. Their track is pulsating but not annoying, the chorus is catchy and will make you dance. It’s that kind of track: the more you listen to it, the more you get into it. It’s a big break kinda track, guitars just how we like them, vocals that take you away… It works even on a crooky laptop. And the song talks about Paris.

Exotica – Désorbitée

Clara sings in French and for this, we send her kisses… We embrace her, support her. We listen and dance to her music. We applaud her. She reminds us of cool French eighties pop stars such as Lio, Elli Medeiros, Niagara… Ah what a carefree period.

Cascadeur – Meaning

Let’s close this round up with the exquisite. Casadeur is a Parisian who’s listened to Erik Satie and Nina Simone a lot. He goes about masked, we’re not sure who he is, only that he’s played the piano since the age of nine and that we could listen to that track without stopping for another nine years.

Kitsune Parisien is also a unique store in the heart of Paris whose frontage was also designed by Monsieur A. Kitsune Parisien includes each season, fine and fancy brand new collector items, high quality garments and of course cds and vinyles. On the occasion of the compilation‘s release, many items have been made in collaboration with André including a leather jacket, boxer shorts and teeshirts. La boucle est bouclée like we say in French !