Memphis Returns with ‘Heres Comes a City’

by Daniel Haim

Torquil Campbell (Stars) and Chris Dumon aka Memphis return with their third full-length, Here Comes A City, March 8 on Arts & Crafts. This is another collection of exquisitely crafted pop songs that translates to music stunning imagery from everyday life. The duo has been creating music together since the late 90s, while both were still struggling artists living out their dreams of being in New York City and wanting to be in their very own band.

Recorded over a three-year period in New York, Montreal, Seattle, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Vancouver, Here Comes A City is undoubtedly a nod to the song by Australian pop gods The Go-Betweens. It’s also an acknowledgment of the nomadic nature in which the album was made in light of both musicians’ schedules. While melodic beauty and unashamed lyrical romanticism remain the core components of Memphis’ music, Here Comes A City, like its title, is often dark and dense, troubled and distracted.

Of the group, Campbell says, “Memphis has been a reason for me and Chris to hang out over the years, and this continues to be its major function. We have a gang; there are two members of it; the gang is called Memphis. It’s kind of stupid for two grown men to have a gang based around bicycles and pop music and weed and friendship, but we do, so fuck it. And we encourage others, by our example, to form a gang of their own and be with their friends, and write their memories down in the form of songs.”

You can download lead track, “I Want The Lights On After Dark” here.