Sunday Morning 5AM at The Beverly Hilton – Golden Globe Awards

by Daniel Haim

The stars and their guests have been assigned their seats. The kitchen is in overdrive. An army of security has been briefed. The stage has been completed and the International Ballroom has never looked as glamorous. In addition to three hotel locations, three enormous tents have been build to host after parties.

All food has been prepared and over 1500 bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne will be delivered and cooled shortly.

One of the world’s busiest streets, Santa Monica Boulevard has been closed off and is now partly occupied by a caravan of 40 production and satellite trucks.

The red carpet is almost complete and will be the largest ever rolled out. It’s not just limited to the arrivals area, but even surrounding Merv Griffin Way – a street.

The few people present at this hour, security personal, hotel workers etc, all seem the share the same belief.

Today’s Golden Globe Awards will not only be the biggest in it’s 68 year history but probably be the largest celebration of film and television ever held.