Ted Williams, Homeless Man with Golden Radio Voice, Gets Job

by Brian Willett

Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio, rocketed to notoriety when a video of his “golden radio voice” went viral. Check out Ted Williams’ homeless performance in the video below, as recorded by a Columbus Dispatch reporter. As Ted Williams explains, he began training his voice at the age of 14 and enjoyed creating scenes in the “theater of the mind,” a way of defining radio.  In the video, Ted Williams says that he hopes one day he will be discovered, and it appears that day is here; with all the attention Ted Williams has been getting, he may be homeless no more.

According to an Early Show appearance, Ted Williams is now getting many job offers for voice-overs and other positions involving his voice.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think of his voice!

Ted Williams Homeless Radio Star