, and to Webcast Live 17th SAG Awards® Red Carpet Pre-Show on Jan. 30

by Daniel Haim

TNTTBS and PEOPLE Magazine are teaming up to present a special live pre-show webcast that will put viewers right in the middle of the red carpet glitz and glamour of the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® on Sunday, Jan. 30.  PEOPLE deputy managing editor Peter Castro will join TNT correspondent Laurel Ripley to host the webcast’s extensive coverage of the red carpet arrivals, including interviews with this year’s Actor® nominees, past recipients and presenters.  Also on hand to report on the hottest red carpet styles and trends will be Susan Kaufman, editor of PEOPLE Stylewatch.

Also during the live pre-show webcast, SAG Awards® Committee Chair JoBeth Williams (Private Practice) and SAG President Ken Howard will announce the recipients of Screen Actors Guild’s Honors for Outstanding Performances by Film and Television Stunt Ensembles.  This year’s nominees in the film category are “Green Zone,” “Inception” and “Robin Hood,” while the television nominees are “Burn Notice,” “CSI: NY”, “Dexter,” “Southland” and “True Blood.” Screen Actors Guild’s Stunt Ensemble Honors commend work within the stunt community during 2010 and recognize stunt performers and coordinators. A complete roster of the nominated stunt performers is below.

The 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards’ red carpet pre-show will stream live on and Sunday, Jan. 30, beginning at 6 p.m. (ET)/3 p.m. (PT).  People.comwill also stream the broadcast live starting at 7:15 p.m. (ET)/4:15 p.m. (PT).  For the first time, the webcast will also run live on the CNN billboard in New York City’s Times Square.  During the awards ceremony – which will be simulcast live on TNT and TBS at 8 p.m. (ET)/5 p.m. (PT) – the webcast will head backstage to the pressroom to catch the excitement as award recipients answer questions from reporters.

Of the top industry honors presented to performers, only the Screen Actors Guild Awards are voted on solely by actors’ peers.  The SAG Awards was the first televised awards show created by a union to honor the work of actors and the first to present ensemble and cast awards.  The SAG Awards and Stunt Ensemble Honors nominees are chosen by separate film and television nominating committees, each consisting of 2,100 SAG members from around the country, randomly selected anew each year, Nearly 100,000 members of Screen Actors Guild nationwide are eligible to vote for the final recipients. Balloting closes Friday, Jan. 28 at noon PT

The nominees for this year’s SAG Stunt Ensemble Honors are:

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

GREEN ZONE (Universal Pictures)

Faycal Attougul
Mohamed Attougul
Fouad Alt Belarbi
Gary Connery
Youssef El Hibaoul
Nourredine Hajjoujou
Othman Ilyassa
Phillippe Losson
Nancy McCrumb
Laurie McNeilly
Natalie Meyer
Cedric Proust
Markos Rounthwaite
Khalid Tarhoul
Rachid Touki
Mustapha Touki

INCEPTION (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Danny Le Boyer
Andy Bradshaw
Richard L. Bucher
Allison Caetano
Bruce Cain
Tom Cohan
Eliza Coleman
George Cottie
Steve DeCastro
Jake Dewitt
Wade Eastwood
Rick English
Roel Filma
Mark Fichera
Marie Fink
Steve Griffin
Bobby Hanlon
Adam Hart
Logan Holladay
Sy Hollands
Gary Hoptrough
Jason Hunjan
Stephen Izzi
Terry Jackson
Ruth Jenkins
Luke Kearney
Jess King
Nito Larioza
Maurice Lee
Terry J. Leonard
James Lew
Michael Li
Diana R. Lupo
Rick Miller
Steve Oeding
Monte Perlin
Norbert Phillips
Andy Pilgrim
Mark Rayner
Rex J. Reddick
Simon Rhee
Tracey Rugglero
Brandon Sebek
Diz Sharpe
Gunther Simon
Paul Sklar
Marvin Stewart-Campbell
John Street
Tom Struthers
Melissa R. Stubbs
Mens-Sana Tamakloe
Philip Tan
Marlow Warrington-Mattei
Chrissy Weathersby
Jim Wilkey
Brent Woolsey
Harry Wowchuk
Richard Wu
Ryan Young

ROBIN HOOD (Universal Pictures)

Lucy Allen
Carlo Antonioni
Lloyd Bass
Richard Bradshaw
Andy Butcher
Michael Byrch
Bruce Cain
Nick Chopping
Tony Christian
Stuart Clark
Jonathan Cohen
Gabe Cronnelly
Graeme Crowther
Matt Da Silva
Ray De Haan
Kelly Dent
John Dent
Steve Dent
Valter Di Francesco
Ben Dimmock
Levan Doran
Jamie Edgell
James Embree
Bradley Farmer
Sarah Franzel
Stuart Frift
Vladimir Furdik
Pedro Garcia Garcia
Álvaro Quiroga Guadilla
Frank Henson
Dave Holland
Paul Howell
Andy Hric
Rob Hunt
Rob Inch
Rowley Iriam
Roman Jankovic
Filip Kadlec
Ian Kay
Vincent Keane
Christian Knight
Ales Kosnar
Robert Krejcik
Mike Lambert
Stephane Leilevre
Paul Vincent Lowe
Tony Lucken
Chris Manger
Kai Martin
Pete Miles
Lee Millham
Rory Mulroe
Daniel Naprous
David Newton
Ray Nicholas
Brian ‘Sonny’ Nickels
Jimmy O’Dee
Lucinda Bean Peel
Martin Pemberton
Andy Pilgrim
Dominic Preece
Adam Richards
Curtis Rivers
Jose Antonio Ona Sanchez
Stanislav Satko
Marcus Shakesheff
Tony Smart
CC Smiff
Helen Steinway-Bailey
Matt Stirling
Ryan Stuart
Roy Taylor
Arran Topham
Marek Toth
Andy Wareham
Reg Wayment
Bill Weston
Maxine Whittaker
Martin Wilde
Leonard Woodcock
Ben Wright
Eugenio Alonso Yenes
Steen Young

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series


Don Abbatiello
Kevin Ball
Chick Bernhardt
Juan C. Bofill
Cort Hessler
Amy Jordan
Artie Malesci
Christopher Parker
Kiana Politis
David Pope
Bill Powers
Bill Scharpf


Craig Baxley, Jr.
Jeff Dashnaw
Tracy Dashnaw
Norman Howell
Kanin Howell
Deja Howell
Tim Mikulecky
Pat Romano
Jim Sharp, Jr.
Erik Stabenau
Matt Taylor
Sean Taylor

DEXTER (Showtime)

Wally Crowder
Shawn Crowder
Debbie Mazor
David St. Pierre
Matt Taylor


Jeff Barnett
Kevin Derr
Cort Hessler
Peewee Piemonte


Nick Brandon
Charlie Brewer
KeKevin Derr
Crystal Dyson
Mike Gains
Jack Gill
Jason Gray
Oliver Kelly
Mike Massa
Heidi Pascoe
Ben Scott
Matt Taylor
Mark Wagner