Weekend Movie Review: True Grit Leads, Country Strong Looks Weak

No matter what the critics are saying, the true measurable movie review is the box office receipts.  After all, movies are all about making money, so the buck stops at the box office. This weekend, a number of heavily hyped movies battled for supremacy, including True Grit, Country Strong and Little Fockers.  Despite the diminutive name, Little Fockers performed admirably, while Country Strong proved to be anything but.

However, the big weekend movie winner was True Grit, as it pulled $15 million this weekend, making it the first Western since the 1950s to reach $100 million in sales; this weekend’s performance boosted total sales for True Grit to $110.4 million.

Meanwhile, Little Fockers brought in $13.8 million this weekend alone but managed to pull more cumulative sales, reaching $124 million.

The biggest disappointment was Gwyneth Paltrow’s Country Strong, which debuted this weekend.  However, the older releases crushed it, as Country Strong brought in just $7.3 million.

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