311 Gives an insight into the industry at Tokyo’s Leading Art School

311 Taking On Japan, 3/11

Next month, Visual Production Agency ‘Factory311’, are heading to Tokyo to launch the next leg of their global adventure.

With creative teams set up all over Europe and the America’s, 311 are now taking a huge step to tackle the almighty continent of Asia, making the creative hub of Japan their first stop.

Since the agency’s start up there has always been an international vision, however the thought of branching out to a place like Japan was hard to fathom for Creative Director and founder Nicholas Hardy. The advancements of the internet, and the accessibility of people all over the globe through social networks and applications such as ‘Skype’, have since made the boundaries limitless, something 311 are trying to take full advantage of.

Through their love for fine imagery and pure creative drive, Factory311 have already established a strong client base, and built an impressive portfolio of work in Fashion, Beauty, Music and Sport subjects. A personal service, and close bond with their irresistible list of photographers has helped to push them to where they are today, and as they continue to scale the globe, 311 are proving to be quite a formidable force.

Whilst amplifying their presence amongst the UK and US industries, the 3/11 launch in Tokyo will hopefully lead to a new outlet to show off the team’s talent. Launching in the heat of Tokyo Fashion Week (19th-25th of March) they hope to start building strong relationships with the Japanese people, bringing opportunities to inflict the 311 creative on Japan.

Away from the agency’s relentless creative nature, 311 have also started to put focus on their efforts towards the up-and-coming creative sector, to help and inspire the next generation of image specialists.

As a way to mark their launch in Tokyo, the London based outfit are getting amongst the future and heart of Tokyo’s creative machine, hosting a day of seminars for the Japanese student and young professional collective.

Speaking with Nicholas, he said: “With where we are now, working at the top of the industry, we want to start giving something back, and inspire the creative industry of tomorrow.”

The master class in Tokyo on the 25th of the month is the next date in the seminar circuit that 311 have entered in their attempt to make the realms of the photography and illustration industries far more accessible for young people. They are putting on three seminars, with Nicholas Hardy revealing all of his explicit secrets about the industry and his experience. They have also invited world renowned photographer, and newly signed Factory311 artist Takashi Kamei as a special guest, to pass on his professional insights and thoughts. Along with this there will be portfolio reviews, crits, one-on-one’s, food and drink, all to influence and stimulate the Tokyo crowds for the future.

The mindset of Factory311 is that of pure optimism, and with a view that possibly every business venture into the unknown should be backed with, the idea is; “let’s see what’s out there, and where 311 can push it”.

For more information about the event head over to tokyo311.eventbrite.com.