When will Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston rumours end?

by Iain Alexander

After years of being apart, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston remain the subject of conspiracy theories, secret talks, dates, marriage discussions, fights and more. Will they have secret children together, will Jen move in, and Angelina Jolie move out?

When will the media hype over this ended relationship actually end? There comes a time when in movies we get franchise fatigue, but what about ‘gossip fatigue’?

The fact remains that Aniston and Pitt split up back in 2005. This marks the 6th consecutive year since that relationship ended, yet we continue to get conspiracy theories.

Although writers will tend to create imaginative stories for their readers, and ask questions about how the future could turn out, there comes a time when this becomes ‘in bad taste’.

If we were to add all the stories that were fabricated about the post Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston relationship, we would have enough material to keep a news site running for a year.

There are surely more interesting stories about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston that don’t have to crossover to their ended relationship, again. For our sake, turn the page, give them space, be professional, or at least come up with some new ideas.